Labour Hire

We seek, employ and hire talent to West Australian (GMT+8) hospitality sites, whether remote, regional or metro.

PLUS 8 has developed an extensive state-wide and national network, enabling us to find and attract quality staff to work on an immediate basis.

With over 1200 employees recruited over the last 5 years, we have the scale to ensure your staffing requirements are met.

Our rates are a flat hourly rate regardless of the day of the week or time of the day which means you don’t have to pay the penalty rates associated with hospitality working hours.

PLUS 8’s ‘Team Search ©’ can staff your new venue within a short period of time. PLUS 8 Team Search is designed to save you time and ensure that the recruitment process is hassle free.

Whether a short-term staffing shortage or help with permanent recruitment – contact us now.

Skilled. Certified. Ready to work.